A Food That’s Good To Eat & Good For You

Lobster… Yummy!

Maine LobsterIt’s sooooo good to eat. Yet, it’s also good for you.

Lobster -healthy for you!Did you know lobster has less cholesterol, calories and saturated fats than chicken and turkey?

Or that ‘Spiny Lobsters’ are the biggest export of the Bahamas?

Or that there are two main species: The spiny lobster and the Maine lobster.

However, even though they are both lobsters the taste between the two are very different. The spiny is virtually tasteless – while the Maine has more of a sweet taste even though the sugar content is quite low.

What about how you can tell the difference between the male and female? The tail on the female is usually much broader – this is to accommodate for egg mass… you know all the little ones. :)

What about mating? It’s all about the female!

She is only capable of mating after her shell has been shedded. She will then approach a males den.

She will even give off a mating pheromone within a stream of urine. He picks up the scent and exits his den with his claws raised aggressively.

She will usually turn away (play hard to get) then when she’s ready to mate she will place her claws on his head.

Very interesting, huh? And, what about the pregnancy? Around 20 months! Although she produces 3,000 to 100,000 eggs – only roughly 10 out of 10,000 of them will survive.

Which is probably why lobster is fairly expensive. But when you take into consideration how good they taste and how good they are for you – it’s only right to treat yourself as often as possible.

More nutrient information about this wonderful food can be found by clicking here.

Releasing the Healing Potential Of the Sun through Infrared Sauna Therapy

Let’s talk about using the positive elements of the sun to greatly improve your health…

Consider the reason your vehicle can be warm on the inside on a sunny day even though it is very cold outdoors…

Why would that be exactly?

It’s due to the infrared light coming from the sun.

It’s important to understand our main supply of heat energy is the sun – which provides many health benefits to the human race.

Not only humans but every living creature – every plant -every flower – etc.

That’s the good news. The bad news is, the sun carries hazardous solar rays along with the healing rays. UV rays, as I’m sure you’re well aware can be very harmful.

Think about skin cancer and all the commercials you see running in the summer that sells sun blocker and other sun tanning protective lotions.

What is the answer so you can have the healthy (vital) parts of the sun without any negative effects?

It’s called a FIR sauna. What this specific type of sauna does is provide the benefits of sunshine minus the damage. Check out this best far infrared sauna company for a more detailed outline.

Its heat can penetrate approximately 1.5 inches beneath the skin to cleanse and refresh the cells. This same heat is utilized by maternity hospitals to keep infants comfortable which means that this kind of heat is harmless.

Even when the surrounding air does not get hot, the radiant heat from the sauna is high enough to bring about deep sweating.

This is critically important:

Perspiration is the body’s technique of purifying itself. Nowadays, men and women rarely sweat enough consistently. This can be attributed to the use of air conditioning and the lack of exercising and other opportunities to perspire.

Via the deep penetrating heat of the infrared sauna, harmful toxins are discharged from the layers of fat underneath the skin area. Perspiration was obtained from a user in 1 sauna session and on analysis, it comprised 15-20% heavy metals and toxic compounds.

There’s not a better way to De-toxify yourself than by utilizing this technology.

At the same time – you get to totally relax and enjoy yourself.

What could possibly be better?

Infrared Sauna Therapy What Is It…

Infrared Saunas

Your body usually produces infrared energy which is employed for plenty of its all natural healing functions. If the warmth of the infrared heat is absorbed by your body, there is an increase in its own infrared energy levels. Among the properties of infrared light is its capability to quickly sink into human cells where 93% of its heat is absorbed and assimilated by your physical body.

As soon as the infrared radiation strike the body cells, it brings about the discharge of the toxic compounds from the tissues into the bloodstream that will get out of the body at a later point as perspiration continues during your session.

The build up of these toxic compounds is the root reason behind many health issues as these block the circulation of blood, nutrient supply, oxygenation, removal of waste and other life threatening illnesses.

The potential of the infrared waves to improve the eradication of harmful toxins makes it useful in dealing with several health issues and will certainly enhance your overall wellness.

What Medical Experts Claim

In addition to what ordinary people say concerning the benefits of the sauna, medical professionals likewise have something to express regarding it. Numerous scientific studies have been performed to find out how this infrared therapy could help in treating various health conditions.

> Physician Lawrence Wilson, MD said it’s unusual to see a very outstanding aid that could treat many varied ailments. Regarding fighting cancer, he publicized a paper in the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients where he mentioned that he would use this type of method since other than its capability to eliminate toxic substances and heavy metals, it could also boost oxygenation, enhance the body’s immune system and decrease the problem of radiation inside the body.

> In Japan, Hideyoshi Toyokawa and some others found that far infrared could boost wound healing substantially.

>In a different clinical trial, far infrared was used in the treatment of 7 cases of rheumatoid arthritis and all seven conditions were effectively resolved.

> A study done on patients with chronic pain reported that after only one session with the infrared sauna, their pain levels reduced by nearly 70% as reported in Internal Medicine..

> A research was publicized in the October 2008 copy of The Journal of Cardiology that confirmed the success of using far infrared sauna therapy in chronic heart failure individuals. Both the clinical indications and cardiac function significantly improved soon after the infrared therapy use.

There are more and more research from health professionals being carried out at all times.

The results of the personal usage of the far infrared sauna therapy and such medical reports seriously attest to the efficiency of this breakthrough technological know-how.

What can you do?

Start utilizing this technology today. It’s affordable and you can purchase a pre-fabricated unit and have it all set up within 30 minutes.

You can relax and detox your body and gain a healthy advantage over all others who have never heard about this wonderful therapy.

I would strongly advice you to do some research and make sure you invest with a reputable company like this great infrared sauna resource suggests.

5 Beneficial Techniques & Strategies To Great health

Taking good care of our health does not need to entail tough regulations and strict guidelines. Over a period of time we’re certain to fall off the routine.

Working out at the health club or shopping for dietary supplements which often involves more cost aren’t really a must. They are helpful – if you enjoy it but are not critical.

What somebody actually must do is look closely at getting rid of undesirable habits and following healthy ones. Making small but vital alterations in our daily live will add up and allow us to regain our well-being.

Listed below are a few very easy but really valuable “secrets” to a healthier you.

Deep Breathing Is Often Overlooked…

It’s the most basic and the most essential activity which we do to keep us alive, yet we fall short to give proper attention on how we breathe in.

All of us have grown so accustomed to shallow breathing. This directly relates to bad posture, anxiety and many other negative aspects.

As per research studies, when observing deep breathing, there’s a decrease in the level of stress hormones in your body. Furthermore, the more oxygen that flows all through the physical body, the more strength the body has. These can all have a great consequence on your overall health, well-being, and feel-good

Proper breathing is just as how you breathe each time the medical professional has his/her stethoscope upon your chest – it needs to reach deep into your lungs.

To get it done right, practice breathing in and count 3 seconds then exhale in 3 counts.

Posture Up For Better Overall Health…

As mentioned previously, bad posture results in shallow breathing, but this may also contribute to neck and back pains and inadequate energy circulation because not enough oxygen is getting into your blood vessels.

Slumping compresses your diaphragm, consequently your muscles cannot operate to their full potential.

As an activity to improve your posture, take a seat on an exercise ball. You are going to see that you can sit up straight while retaining good balance. Being seated towards the front of the chair may likewise coerce you to posture up.

Do not take a seat for long periods of time while working. This is going to put unnecessary weight on your back triggering pain.

Standing up gives you another opportunity to straighten your back.

Fasting Habits – Clean Out Your System…

Make fasting part of your frequent health habits. Whenever you fast, you provide your bodily organs a moment to relax and recharge because it’s not using up its energy for digestion.

So, your organs can focus more on healing and renewal. Fasting boosts the natural purification and clean-up inside the human body, thus speeding up cell restoration and reproduction.

Keep in mind that you need to talk to your doctor first if you are intending to carry on a long fast. I want you to be safe above all.

Use Cutting-Edge Technology To Penetrate And Absorb
Healing Heat…

Subjecting oneself to the sun’s rays have many health benefits that the physical body requires. Even so, UV radiation could bring just as much harm to the body – if not more. It’s certainly a double-edged sword.

Using a technology called the far infrared sauna (FIR) will have you enjoying the same rewards of the sunshine, with heat penetration of around 1.5 inches underneath the skin, however without the problems. Imagine that – no negative side-effects!

Infrared waves have the ability to aid in detoxification which aids to improve a person’s general health and remedy many health issues you wouldn’t be having to start with. In fact, detox is one of the most important things you can do for your health.

Additional advantages of the FIR technology include better cardiovascular condition, fat loss, stronger immune system, pain relief, anxiety and MUCH more.

More benefits here:

Also be sure to check out this Excellent Infrared Sauna You Tube Channel page

Try To Laugh… The More The Better…

I agree with the old saying that laughter is the best medicine.

Many scientific studies and reports have revealed that laughter lessens stress hormones and is a highly effective muscle relaxant. A Japanese study, on the other hand, states that it aids to improve the immune system hence getting rid of the allergic side effects which the body experiences.

Laughing furthermore can help you breathe deeper, bring down blood pressure, and underrate pain. If you don’t feel like laughing, at the very least smile. By doing this, you are going to be in a much better mood and feel much better when you have a stressful day.