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A Food That’s Good To Eat & Good For You

Lobster… Yummy!

Maine LobsterIt’s sooooo good to eat. Yet, it’s also good for you.

Lobster -healthy for you!Did you know lobster has less cholesterol, calories and saturated fats than chicken and turkey?

Or that ‘Spiny Lobsters’ are the biggest export of the Bahamas?

Or that there are two main species: The spiny lobster and the Maine lobster.

However, even though they are both lobsters the taste between the two are very different. The spiny is virtually tasteless – while the Maine has more of a sweet taste even though the sugar content is quite low.

What about how you can tell the difference between the male and female? The tail on the female is usually much broader – this is to accommodate for egg mass… you know all the little ones. :)

What about mating? It’s all about the female!

She is only capable of mating after her shell has been shedded. She will then approach a males den.

She will even give off a mating pheromone within a stream of urine. He picks up the scent and exits his den with his claws raised aggressively.

She will usually turn away (play hard to get) then when she’s ready to mate she will place her claws on his head.

Very interesting, huh? And, what about the pregnancy? Around 20 months! Although she produces 3,000 to 100,000 eggs – only roughly 10 out of 10,000 of them will survive.

Which is probably why lobster is fairly expensive. But when you take into consideration how good they taste and how good they are for you – it’s only right to treat yourself as often as possible.

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